I cooperated with Data Rise Lab (DRL) during the PoC Data project as a Project Manager on the client’s side. The goal of the project was for DRL to make a sample report that already exists in my organization and show how to quickly connect raw data, process it and finally visualize it in an interesting way. This task provided us with information on whether this technology is for us and what implementation and maintenance costs it can take into account in the future. During this project, DRL showed a very agile and project-based approach to tasks, as we had 2 months to complete everything (from signing the order to obtaining a quote for a potential implementation). As a PM, I was invited to join the DRL project team and we coordinated the entire project with the PM from their side, which shortened the response time, eliminated the so-called deaf phone, risks were articulated immediately and minimized. The materials resulting from the tasks in the project were prepared with the highest quality and were systematically presented by DRL to the Business Stakeholder, which allowed for a better understanding of the technology. On the DataRiseLab website, you can find the sentence “Everything starts with data and we know how to manage it”. What they have written is true, because they have proven it more than once. In view of the above, I recommend cooperation with DRL.