DataRiseLab is a company specializing in data management, creating business applications and implementing reporting and analytical solutions using Machine Learning /AI in cloud infrastructure. We operate in many sectors of the economy, providing dedicated solutions that improve the efficiency of business processes. Take advantage of our experience to help you take your business to the next level.


  • Solution and architecture design
  • Cost optimisation with focus on the specified business needs
  • Implementation of core elements of the target solution, including:
        • core infrastructure (in cloud/on prem)
        • data warehouse structures and processes
        • integration with source systems
        • Master Data Management solutions
        • BI reporting platform
        • advanced analytics solutions
  • Establishing principles for data and information management in the enterprise (data management strategy, principles of data storage/sharing/processing)
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and laws and the highest standards of data security
  • Acceptance testing


  • Analysis of business requirements (functional and non-functional)
  • Designing the solution architecture (“on premise” or “in cloud”)
  • Selecting the relevant cloud provider
  • Application development (backend, user interface, etc.)
  • Unit, integration and acceptance tests
  • Implementation of the application in a production environment
  • Application security (including authentication, authorization, data encryption and attack protection)
  • Managing access to data and applications, depending on the user’s role in the organization
  • Mechanisms for monitoring application performance and availability
  • Technical and business documentation
  • Training for application users
  • Optimization and improvement of the application based on feedback and changing customer needs
  • Technical support and maintenance


  • Evaluation of the current infrastructure and data architecture and development of a Cloud adoption strategy in the organization
  • Support in transferring (migrating) of the existing solutions to Cloud
  • Designing and implementing a scalable data management architecture in the Cloud
  • Analysis, optimization, maintenance of existing Cloud solutions
  • Advice on the full use of Cloud capabilities in advanced data analysis and reporting solutions
  • Cloud administration and management support


  • We help you understand how to utilize the latest innova-tions within Machine Learning and AI in your business. We provide suggestion for applications of AI and ML in your company, matched to your use cases
  • Examples use cases:
        • Predictive Analytics: Predict customer behaviour, opti-mize pricing, and forecast demand
        • Machine Learning solutions to streamline processes
        • Recommendation Systems that suggest products or content based on user preferences
        • Generative Models and AI for tasks such as text summarization, content creation, or automation of human tasks
  • We support with upskilling of senior management in terms of understanding the value and applications of AI in business
  • We can train your junior analyst or reporting analysts into the skillset of the future, e.g. being able to apply AI and ML technologies

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  • Design and implementation of a data warehouse integrating data from the client’s key systems (ERP, POS, systems supporting operations) and from external sources along with a BI reporting platform
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  • Automation of the process of creating financial reports according to local and group accounting standards (with the ability to manage the mapping of accounts and individual transactions to reporting reports)
  • Controlling platform for analyzing results in branches (with the functionality of providing comments to deviations, acceptance of forecasts, sensitivity analysis), monitoring costs and unusual transactions
  • An application for reporting results, forecasts and operational goals of restaurants in the restaurant industry, integrated with the BI reporting platform
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  • An application for reporting ESG indicators by entities from the capital group
  • Application for new investment management (CAPEX management – including investment cost estimation, cash flow management, calculation of NPV and payback period) with support for the investment approval process and integrated with a data warehouse for retrospective investment assessment
  • Designing, implementing, maintaining and developing cloud infrastructure for an international capital group
  • Migration of data warehouses and business applications from “on premise” to the cloud (MS Azure)
  • Supporting the customer in managing data, services, costs, identity and data security in the cloud
  • Web application for managing Master Data and data processes in the organization (managing data on the client’s stores, managing key business mappings, triggering data refresh processes for business users